DACIA GALLERY – NEW YORK presents “CELEBRATING LIFE” Four artists from Europe – Opening Reception Thursday, December 2, 6:00 – 9:00pm


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Four artists from Europe Group exhibition November 30 – December 11, 2021

Featured artists: Stefania Carrozzini, Mar Delestal, Anastasia Domingo, Riitta Nelimarkka

Opening Reception Thursday, December 2, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Location: Dacia Gallery 11th Street New York

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11- 6 pm

For more information please visit our website at: www.daciagallery.com

Dacia Gallery is pleased to present “Celebrating Life: Four artists from Europe” curated by Stefania Carrozzini, with opening Thursday December 2, 2021. On display twelve works by artists from Spain, Holland, Italy and Finland.

The title reflects the desire to return to life, to celebrate it, an invitation therefore to a daily thanksgiving through art and creativity, an exhibition that aims to be the start of a different way of understanding and making art, in the deep conviction that they can sow the seeds to give birth to a new way of seeing the world and things and to promote a perceptual renewal. The urgency is that of an artistic operation that touches reality, an individual expressive urgency that contrasts the dehumanization of the world, artistic practice as an encounter with our true nature.

We are witnessing an ever-faster process, and in more fields, which leads to the progressive distancing from the human, as functional beings to a system that wants us to be homologated and slaves to a single thought. This scenario must be replaced by art as a territory of truth and freedom, Art possessed by love, Art as spiritual evolution and sensorial sublimation, Art as a celebration of nature, everyday life and dreams.

All the works that are part of this exhibition are a sign of physical and spiritual rebirth through the language of emotions, an invitation to a world of hopes, of intuitions of comparison between new techniques and more traditional ones. Just as there are words that, by resonating, expand the listening space, so it happens with forms. The forms and narratives that meet in this exhibition lead us to make a visual journey which makes us understand how powerful our imagination is. This exhibition has a multidisciplinary approach and aims to also reflect on the need to explore new languages and not to forget that life as artistic talent is a gift that must be kept so that the being does not lose its humanity.

During the opening night of Thursday December 2, the book “Art on Alert” by Stefania Carrozzini, Publishing House Timia, Rome, 2021 will be presented. The volume (256 pages, two languages Italian and English ) brings together the curatorial projects of the author from 1994 to 2021 with the covers of the catalogs and introductory texts of exhibitions held around the world, most of which took place in New York.

Biographical notes :

Stefania Carrozzini, was born in Milan. She is a journalist, art critic, author, artist, gallerist. She is graduated in Set Design at Fine Arts Brera Academy in Milan in 1988. After beginning with painting, she has been developed a personal research in contamination of multimedia languages that’s start with photography, installation. She has been exhibiting since 1990. She published books: “Esercizi di scri(pi)ttura” in 2005, Pensa Edition, 2008 “Art, life and beyond”, Eupalino publisher, “Art on Alert”, Timia Publisher 2021. She founded MyMicroGallery, art in apartment in the Historical Centre of Milan. From 1993 to 2007 she was a correspondent and special envoy to United States of America for the cultural and visual communications D’Ars Magazine and she has worked for many years with Pierre Restany a well know art critic and founder of Nouveau Realisme From 1996 to 2008 has directed for D’Ars the branch IEP International Exhibition Projects, which she herself founded. From 2003 to 2007 she has directed CVB Gallery “The Carrozzini von Buhler Gallery”, Meat Packing District, in New York City.

As a curator she organized more than 500 exhibitions in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, China, United States of America, Canada. Main exhibitions as artist: 1994: “Happy Birthday TV!” Nec Ente Treviso; 1994, “From Earth with Love”, Aeronautic Museum Caproni, Trento, Scuola Guglielmo Marconi, New York, Liceo Leonardo Da Vinci, Paris; Centro culturale 5/55 Rome; 1996, The Lion’s Wing, Group Show, S.Marco Bank; Venice; 2003, “Communication with Sms”, Studio D’Ars and Contemporary Art Fair, Trento, Milan; “Art in Bag”, D’Ars, Milan; Jelmone Gallery, Piacenza; 2006; NYarts Gallery, Beijing, China, “How we see China Today”, 2006; “The Weight of Art”, Milan, Mondadori Art Center; D’Ars Milan, 2006 “The Eta Beta Project”; “All is One”, solo exhibition, Spazio al Bello Gallery, Milan 2018; Mail Art project, Museo Diotti, Casalmaggiore, 2021; Zones of Immaterial Sensitivity, Galleria Sant’Eufemia, Giudecca, Venice group show 2021. She lives and works in Milan.

www.stefaniacarrozzini.com – www.mymicrogallery.com

Mar Delestal is a Spanish artist who lives and works in The Netherlands.

Her canvases are characterized by the use of color to give shapes, using only oil and sometimes combining it with more contemporary techniques such as aerosols and collage. Her work also includes works on paper. She studied at the Santa Isabel de Hungary University in Seville, Spain and at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece. Her work is a constant evolution of composition and colour. Her origin and formation are within a classic education. As an art student in Spain and Greece, she learned the basics of traditional drawing and painting: light, colour and composition. Her vision changed when she moved to the Netherlands, where she faced other artistic currents that made her think about how to represent reality. She abandoned realism in painting. She uses her experience and knowledge to create her personal world. The background is important and she plays with it to make it a prominent part of the work. The colour reaches prominence and opens up new possibilities for creation. Each brush stroke, each layer of matter becomes an exploration with which she can give shapes and sensations of solidity, transparencies, weightlessness. The colourful composition is the characteristic of her work and has become a personal stamp. After years she returns to realism with her first series of portraits called “Memories”. She keeps playing with the backgrounds but focusing on the expressions. From now on she has a new challenge in her work: to study and to deepen the capacity of human beings to transmit feelings.


Riitta Nelimarkka is a distinctive and versatile artist whose repertoire includes graphic art, animated films, paintings, art and poetry books, textile art and vast exhibition entities. Her versatility makes her one of the most exciting Finnish visual artists. Her timeless art of hers is characterized by a daring use of color and form, by a virtuous skill in drawing which is the basis of her enormous textile images with surprising and semi-figurative characters.

Riitta Nelimarkka has a doctorate in literature (DA at UIAH, Helsinki) and studied painting in Paris, photography, film and art education at Konstfacken, Stockholm Academy of Art and piano at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. In recent years, her production has focused on complete collections of drawings, photographs, velvet paintings and wool reliefs. She has also been commissioned to many works, including the large woolen carpets “Con Calore” for the official residence of the President of Finland. Her works, illustrations and animated films have been presented in various international festivals and biennials. In 2016 she was awarded by the Order of France with the distinction of Officer des Arts et Lettres. Her last greatest works are the 13-meter-long glass painting “Without too much thinking” at the 2016 Hietaniemi pavilion, and the same year the display for Debussy’s 5 Preludes for the Radio Symphony Orchestra. An exciting Gesamtskunstwerk with her husband Jaakko Seeck, is Bonga Castle, an old patrician house decorated with over 200 works by Nelimarkka. Riitta Nelimarkka lives and works in Helsinki.


Anastasia Domingo is a Spanish painter and digital artist , who also made sculptures and installations. based in Madrid and New York .She graduated in Fine Arts from Universidad Complutense of Madrid and then attended numerous art courses, focusing on graphics, colour , composition, movement and textures. She states : “I try to get the biggest character of the images with freshness at the first touch.

My intention is to create a personal and contemporary way of making art”. She exhibited her work worldwide, including 33 contemporary gallery in Chicago, Louvre Museum in Paris; “Seeme” in Times Square New York; the XII Florence Biennale, , Caelum Gallery in New York, Abartium gallery in Barcelona, The Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid, art fair Scope in Miami; Gallery New York; Art and Design the room contemporary art Space in Venice; Angel Orensanz foundation for contemporary art in New York, Dacia Gallery, New York.


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