Museo Novecento Piazza Santa Maria Novella 10 – Florence presents a solo exhibition of Andrea Francolino “Humus” Curated by Sergio Risaliti and Luca Puri – 25 September – 17 December 2020

Museo Novecento Piazza Santa Maria Novella 10 – Florence 25 September – 17 December 2020 Andrea Francolino Humus Curated by Sergio Risaliti and Luca Puri

“Andrea Francolino Humus”, a solo exhibition, curated by Sergio Risaliti and Luca Puri, opens to the public at the Museo Novecento, Florence, on 25 September 2020 and addresses to the future of Europe under a single flag. The project envisages the installation of 28 flags, one for each member state of the European Union and a collective one, which ideally unites and represents all nations of the United Europe together. Each flag will contain GPS coordinates alluding to the locations of the respective parliaments, a discreet and yet unambiguous way of revealing via geographical position their place in the world, by referring to the palaces where the decisions of government leaders establish (or fail to establish) equilibria. The arrangement of each flag recalls that of the representatives of individual countries who, sitting together, have an impact on the destiny of the planet with their choices. The ecological crisis and the strong efforts that individuals and nations have made to protect the planet are reasons for reflection in Andrea Francolino, who addresses this issue in the hope of achieving a future where individuals are united by a common aim of protection: “In the face of this, all differences of faith, race, culture or provenance disappear, since the Earth is one and the same for everyone.”

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